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About the Logo

This logo is born out of the idea of "Celebration of Learning'. It takes the shape of a human form with out- stretched arms signaling the spirit of achievement and fulfillment. The freshness of Orange captures the vibrancy of the Institutes culture. The subtle shape of the Blue between the arms also indicates a flame - a traditionally recognized symbol of education. The logo design combines tradition with a contemporary touch. IIM Trichy as the base unit forms the foundation for that learning and growth.

Guiding Star

“Knowledge is Endless” is a motto that has strongly governed IIM Tiruchirappalli. IIMT has strong values which it imparts to its students, primary amongst which are an unceasing desire to learn. IIMT strongly believes that the foundation of value creation lies in the path of continuous learning. 

The institute recognizes the fact that its students would be the catalyst of change for the betterment of the future and hence takes great responsibility in shaping them into leaders of tomorrow. IIMT understands and gives students full freedom to decide upon their academic gradient based on their work experience, academic background as well as their appetite for a challenge and thus provides them with an environment conducive in enhancing their learning experience.

On Hallowed Grounds

Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli (IIMT) is the eleventh IIM under the patronage of the Government of India. IIM is a name that has steadily become synonymous with excellence and has established a benchmark for unwavering quality. Technologically equipped smart classrooms, world-class library, 24×7 Wi-Fi, elegantly furnished air-conditioned hostels, 2 Megawatt Solar Power Plant and rain water harvesting systems makes IIMT campus a state-of-the-art environmentally green campus. IIMT is spread over 175 acres of land on Trichy-Pudukkottai highway situated at about 12 km from Tiruchirappalli International Airport and at about 18 km from Tiruchirappalli Railway station.

Moulding Excellence

IIM is a name that has steadily become synonymous with excellence and has established a benchmark for unwavering quality. IIMT, while recognizing the mentorship of IIMB aims to find its own footing in developing competent professionals for the industry. The flagship programme, Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM), has been instrumental in the achievement of this goal.

Heart of the Being

Hard Work, Perseverance, Passion and Integrity are some of the virtues necessary to attain success. IIMT boasts of a collection of eminent faculty and motivated students which form its backbone. Therefore students are chosen from a thorough screening process to ascertain their association with this prestigious institute. IIMT takes excellent care in ensuring an optimal student-teacher ratio to encourage better learning and to impart appropriate guidance.