Libraries across the world are undergoing extensive transformational change as a result of the digital disruption. The ways in which people today learn, teach, communicate, interact, acquire and share knowledge have changed due to advancements in the information and communication technologies. Hence, the libraries and librarians must compete for their survival. Libraries have to integrate several technologies in their services in order to attract the users. Technological advance and social change have on the skills required of a librarian to deliver services in the open learning environment. As the 21st century progresses librarians are facilitating to connect communities and users with knowledge and knowledge creators.

With the developments in open learning, digitised learning resources and the use of online and offline web environment, several possibilities emerged to design digital learning strategies to make any instructional context effective to suit the ever changing learning and learner requirements in the global network, library professionals are overwhelmingly optimistic about the future and positive about the value of their skills.

Sub Themes

Managing Modern Libraries: Challenges and Opportunities

Research Evaluation: Different Aspects

Case Study of Libraries & Knowledge Resource Centers

Bibliometrics/Scientometrics Indicators for Assessing Research

Startup Ecosystem and Role of Libraries

Collection Development in Digital Era

Best Practices in Library Services

Management of e-Content

Case Study of Library Services

Digital Technologies and Trends

Innovative Information Services

Digital Content Creation, Preservation and Delivery

Marketing Library Services and Products

Resource Sharing, Networking and Consortia

Evidence-based Librarianship

Social Network as a platform for academic interaction

Library Professional: Evolving Role and Opportunities

Open Data and Open Science

Library User: Issue and Challenges

LIS Education

Information Literacy

Future Learning Trends and Globalization

Ethics of Access, Plagiarism, Copyright and Licensing

Changing Trends in Education

New Learning Web Technologies

Innovation in Learning Environment

Gaming, Simulation and Virtual World in Management Education and Training